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Across Ontario, many cars continue to stay parked in driveways because of the pandemic, but there are several essential workers who still need to purchase cars in order to get to and from work.

While car service centers are authorized to be open for car maintenance, car showrooms are in fact closed to the world. But, has partnered up with 240 dealers to provide the community with an opportunity to purchase a vehicle during the Coronavirus (COVID-19). By purchasing from home, they are providing people with the opportunity to purchase a car if they require one without having to leave their homes. has put out an online marketplace that now contains a purchase from home choice. Then, when a potential buyer uncovers a dealer that is participating in the program, they can operate with a salesperson to do virtual tours, walk around assessments, and fulfill all the documentation electronically.

If an individual chooses to purchase the car, the vehicle is disinfected, and social distancing is also put in place when the car is delivered to the person’s home or picked up at the dealership. For those who require a car to get to work, such as essential works like grocery store clerks or health care workers, for these individuals it is a good option to have for them.

Airport KIA in Mississauga is joining in this new way to purchase a vehicle and they have evidently already sold many cars to essential workers. Airport KIA had a warehouse worker who works in the healthcare sector and they used to carpool, so they are not able to do that anymore, so they needed a car.

In addition, there was a nurse who works really long hours and she was not content with taking public transit due to the pandemic so she purchased a car as well.

When purchasing a car from home in Ontario, professionals recommend individuals to search for Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) licensed dealers and attaining a car history report such as a CARFAX. You can participate in video chats to evaluate the vehicle and do a vehicle inspection. It’s crucial to check the return and exchange policy cautiously and look through the contract meticulously.

Since customers can be apprehensive about purchasing a car this way, some dealerships are providing more unrestricted money back guarantees or car exchange policies if the car is not what you were anticipating.

In fact, CTV News Toronto contacted other dealerships and they claimed that they are also discovering new ways to assist clients with purchasing cars from the comfort of their own home with staff working and guiding them virtually. Therefore, if getting a car during the pandemic is a pressing need individuals will be happy to know that there are options out there and that people’s needs are being met.

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