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At this time, you have definitely been stuck at home for some time. The reality is the kids are stuck with you as well. And if you have not already been advised to social distance yourself from others, you’re probably looking for things for you and your kids to do to keep you both busy. Or you are trying to keep them busy so that you can work from home and get your cleaning done. Well, the chance is that your car is just sitting in the garage. Why not give them or yourself something to do such as cleaning it.

It’s a great time to teach them some car maintenance and care for luxurious things, and it may help you to maintain your pricey asset. Here are some tips for things you can do to keep up your cars maintenance and value while still exercising proper social distancing.


By now, you have probably been stuck at home for at least a week. Chances are, the kids are with you, too. And if you have not already been driven to social distance yourself from your  children, you’re probably looking for things for them to do to keep them out of your hair while you try to work from home. Well, the car’s just sitting in the garage. Why not put them to work on it?


It is a good opportunity to teach them a little maintenance and care for expensive things, and it might help you to keep up your pricey investment. Here are our five suggestions for things you can do to maintain your car while still practicing good social distancing. For more intensive services and repairs, your local dealership may have ways to accommodate you at home for essential repairs and maintenance to keep your car roadworthy.

Disinfect the Surfaces

We are all more worried about keeping surfaces and items germ free these days, but there are certain things you should avoid using on the interior of your car. What shouldn’t you use? Anything with bleach in it, such as Clorox wipes, as the liquid can harm natural surfaces. But what can and should you use? Isopropyl alcohol, at least 70% is what interior manufacturers utilize on parts, and best of all it destroys everything that needs to be killed. You will want to effectively spray all the surfaces you touch, and wipe them with a gentle, clean cloth towel. You should not use a paper towel, which can be abrasive on plastic surfaces.


Grab your vacuum that contains a hose and start cleaning. Or even better, ask your kids to do it. Grab the floormats and shake them before cleaning them with the vacuum. And if your cloth mats are coated with salt from the winter time, now’s a perfect time to clean them and get the salt stains out.

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