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Welcome to Car Biz Insider, a distinguished business podcast that offers an insider’s perspective into the fascinating world of the automotive industry. If you are passionate about cars and eager to understand the underlying dynamics of the car business, then this podcast is tailor-made for you.

About Our Host

The Car Biz Insider Podcast is hosted by Jon Toker, an experienced automotive consultant with a rich history of working with franchised car dealerships and OEMs. Currently owning and operating Toronto Auto Consulting in Ontario, Canada, Jon possesses a deep understanding of the industry. His insights and discussions encapsulate the latest trends, technologies, and stories that shape the world of cars and automotive businesses.

Why Car Biz Insider?

Jon Toker brings his knowledge and dynamic presentation to make the Car Biz Insider Podcast not just a source of entertainment, but a learning platform for both car enthusiasts and industry professionals. It’s a thrilling journey into the heart of the automotive industry!

Where Can You Listen to Car Biz Insider?

We understand the need for accessibility, hence the Car Biz Insider Podcast is available on multiple platforms. You can tune in to our latest episodes whenever you want on:

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Become a part of our growing community of car enthusiasts and industry insiders. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates, engage in enlightening discussions about automotive trends, and directly interact with Jon. Join the Car Biz Insider family and stay at the forefront of the latest automotive news and insights.

Embark on this automotive adventure with Car Biz Insider. Let’s drive into the future of the automotive industry together. Stay tuned for more!



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